All Digital Yacht Wireless Products are Windows 8 Compatible

WL50+WL60 Windows 8


We have recently received a few calls from existing customers who have updated to Windows 8 and are now having trouble getting their Digital Yacht wireless products to install. The good news is that our own testing has found that all of our USB Wireless products; WL50, WL60, WL400, WL410 and WL500 are Windows 8 compatible.

The issue that has caught our customers out, is that the Installation CD that we supplied with our wireless products was produced before Windows 8 was released and the special Setup/Installer program on the CD does not recognise their brand new Windows 8 installation and so displays an error, saying that this operating system is not supported.

The work around for this issue, is to connect the PC to the internet using it’s own internal Wi-Fi adaptor (if it is a laptop), 3G dongle or other network adaptor and to then plug in the Digital Yacht USB wireless product and let Windows 8 automatically search on-line for the necessary drivers. This process takes a couple of minutes but ensures that the correct and latest driver for your Wireless adaptor is installed.

Once installed, you will see the new adaptor displayed in the list of available networks.

Our more observant customers will notice that our popular WL510 is not listed as being compatible and this is because it has an Ethernet (network) interface rather than USB. This means that no drivers are required for the WL510 and that it is compatible with all operating systems.

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