Updating our WLN10 or WLN10HS

WLN10HS Mock Up LR

It is almost 2 years since we released our popular WLN10 and WLN10HS wireless NMEA servers and in that time the number of mobile wireless devices has sky rocketed. Originally most customers used these products with iPhones and iPads but with Android devices now outselling Apple products, we get more and more customers wanting to use our products with Android apps like iRegatta.

Originally all of our wireless NMEA devices created an Ad-Hoc network, which is where devices connect directly to each other, automatically self assigning themselves an IP address in the same network range. Windows PCs, LINUX PCs, Macs and all Apple devices supported Ad-Hoc networking, but unfortunately Android devices did not.   The new V4.00 now works in Access Point Mode, which is both Android compatible and more stable/reliable than Ad-Hoc mode.

Customers wishing to update their WLN10 or WLN10HS, need to be aware that the process does require a certain level of technical ability. Please consult our Tech Support Note 00051-2013 for information about the procedure and if you are in any doubt as to your ability to follow these instructions, it is probably safer to send the unit to Digital Yacht for updating. If though, after reading the Tech Note, you are confident to give this a try, then I suggest you also watch the “How To” video below which shows the process you follow on the PC.

Finally, the TeraTerm “Macros” that are mentioned in the Tech Note and Video can be downloaded by clicking here.

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