5 New Products to be Launched at Southampton

SBS2013 Five New Products

A busy summer of development, sees five new Digital Yacht products having their first public viewing at the Southampton Boat Show 2013 this month.

Headlining is the GPS150 DualNav GPS/GLONASS Sensor, along with the new WL450 Long Range “All-in-one” Wi-Fi adaptor, while the new PilotLINK wireless NMEA server for Class A Transponders will appeal to larger vessels that want to get their AIS data on to iPads or Android Tablets. Also making their debut are the new S1000 AIS SART and the GV30 “Combo” GPS+AIS antenna which provides a neat and simple single antenna solution for any Class B AIS Transponder.

If you are visiting the show this year, please come by and see these new products and the rest of our exciting 2013 product range on our UK distributor, CA Clase’s stand (G091) in Ocean Hall.

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