Permanent USB Connection to our AIT2000


Our AIT2000 transponder comes complete with a useful USB connection that allows you to quickly and easily configure the unit using our proAIS2 software. Once configured, there is no need to use the proAIS2 software again, other than perhaps to check the AIT2000 at the beginning of the season to ensure it is operating correctly.

A number of customers have also used this USB connection to permanently connect our AIT2000 to a PC or Mac, so that they can display the AIS data on suitable navigation software. For the majority of customers this works perfectly fine, but you need to be careful with your installation as the USB interface is designed to link consumer products.

The problem appears to be that the microprocessor’s USB interface can be damaged by static discharge (in lightning storms) or grounding differences between the boat’s electrical system and the PC/Mac power supply which is often AC powered or via a DC-DC converter.

In these situations, the ground connection in the USB cable can see high surges in current/voltage that can damage the microprocessor and to avoid this, we recommend that any customers who will be connecting the AIT2000 permanently to a PC or Mac, should use one of our NMEA to USB Adaptors (see image above) to provide an extra level of protection.

The part number of the adaptor is ZDIGUSBNMEA and below is a diagram showing how it can be connected to the AIT2000.

AIT2000 NMEA Connections to USB Adaptor


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