Using Digital Yacht Wi-Fi products with OpenCPN V3.2 or higher

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In this second post about using our products with OpenCPN, we are pleased to announce the release of a new Tech Note that provides OpenCPN (Windows/Mac/LINUX) users with a clear guide on how to configure the latest Connection Manager (in OpenCPN since V3.2) to work with our Wi-Fi products.

OpenCPN is one of the most popular marine navigation software packages and is completely Open Source, meaning that Windows, Mac and LINUX users can install and use the software for free. For more information on OpenCPN please click here.

If you have one of our iAIS, AIT3000, WLN10, WLN20, PilotLink, NavLink or iNavHub Wi-Fi products that uses our Wireless NMEA interface and you want to use it with OpenCPN, then please download Tech Note 00062-2014 by clicking here.

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