Best Marine Apps for iOS (V1.06)


We have just updated our “Best Marine Apps for Apple iOS” list to include new apps; WilhelmSK and Signal View from two Signal K developers that will work with our iKommunicate gateway and also two new apps that support wireless NMEA data; a chart plotting app from NV Charts and a racing instruments app NKE Pro, from French manufacturer NKE.

More important news in the marine app world, is that Navionics have released a new SDK that allows app developers to easily use Navionics charts in their apps.  The hugely popular Navionics App is perfect for any boat owner, delivery skipper, crew member or in fact any one that goes on a boat – even cruise liner and ferry passengers. However, the app has a very focused set of common features and functions and has sometimes been criticised for not supporting, for instance, AIS or Instrument data.

Now, for the first time, 3rd party developers that have apps that do these functions can add Navionics charts to their app. Then, as long as you have purchased the Navionics App and charts for your area, these new apps will be able to display the same chart data without you having to purchase more charts. This promises to be a very interesting development and Digital Yacht are currently adding Navionics chart support to our popular iAIS app – more news to follow.

This list focuses on navigational apps that can be used with our wireless NMEA and AIS products and as long as the App you are interested in has a tick in the “External NMEA” column then it will work with our wireless NMEA products. With nine wireless NMEA products in our range, it can sometimes be confusing for customers, as to which product they need, so we have just published a comparison sheet to make it easier to choose the best product for your application, click here to read it.

We are fairly confident that we have captured most of the popular apps currently available. However, if you are a user or developer of a good marine navigation app for iOS that is not on our list, please let us know and we will get you on the list at the next update.

To download a PDF copy of this new updated list of Marine Apps for Apple iOS devices, please click here iOS Apps V1_06.

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