Background Apps Stopping Wireless NMEA Transmission

When Digital Yacht released their first wireless NMEA product, the award winning iAIS back in 2011, there were very few marine apps and most customers used either our free iAIS app or the more powerful iNavX paid app.

Now there are far more marine apps in the Apple Store and it is not uncommon for boaters to have two or more apps that they regularly use. This is great for users, as it makes full use of their iPhone/iPad, but it does introduce a new challenge, namely that some apps keep the wireless NMEA link open, even when the app is “sleeping” in the background.

So if for instance you had the popular Navionics App open and then you pressed the “Home” key and opened our iAIS app, it will now be impossible for iAIS to establish a wireless data connection as the Navionics app is still using it.

This is fast becoming one of the most common questions that customers ask us, so we decided to create a short video that shows the background app problem and how to close background apps to restore the wireless NMEA data link.

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