Upgrade your Standard Horizon VHF-AIS Radio to Wireless

Many boaters who wanted a new VHF radio and a simple AIS receiver only solution opted for the Standard Horizon GX2100/2200/6000 series. These radios show a basic AIS target presentation but its very limited and the small screen makes it difficult to use. That can all change with the Digital Yacht WLN10SM….

By connecting the WLN10SM (or WLN30 if you’ve multiple nmea sources including instruments etc) to the NMEA output from the Standard radio, you’ll open up AIS data to the world of iPad and tablet apps.  It means popular apps like Navionics, TZ iBoat, Weather 4D, SailGrib, NavLink, iSailor and iNavX can overlay the AIS target data on their detailed charts.  Some apps can also calculate CPA and TCPA data and alarms.

Just search our blog here for iOS or Android for reviews and details of some of the most popular apps.  This is realtime local AIS data too with no need for an internet based service which is laggy and unreliable for navigation.

The WLN10SM creates a simple password protected wifi network on your boat and sends NMEA data in real time to the mobile device.   No connection to the internet is required and multiple devices can connect so all your crew can benefit.  You can even have different apps running on different devices – great for multiple chart choices.

Its not just Standard Horizon VHF-AIS radios that can use this either – Garmin, Lowrance, Raymarine, Navicom and Sitex products are also compatible with the WLN10SM

Find our more from HERE or check out our online video below

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