Digital Yacht GPS105 (GPS150) is a perfect replacement for Raystar 120 or 125


Please note that this older post has now been updated for our latest GPS150 smart antenna.

With Spring just a few days away and thoughts turning to the new sailing season, we have noticed an above average increase in requests for our GPS150 smart GPS antenna. On further investigation, it would appear that many of these units are being used as replacements for old Raymarine Raystar 120 and 125 GPS antennas.

Although not Seatalk compatible, the GPS150 is a very good and cost effective replacement as all older Raymarine chart plotters/MFDs have a 2 wire NMEA0183 input which the GPS150 can connect to. Your Boat’s Position, course and speed over the ground plus all of the Satellite signal and position information is provided by the GPS150 and performance will actually be better than your old Raystar, as the GPS150 features the very latest GPS receiver technology.

Supplied with the same standard 1″ x 14TPI threaded mount that the Raystar had, you can simply unscrew the old unit and screw on the GPS150. It comes with an integral 10m Power and Data cable and will work from a 12v or 24v supply.

Connection is very easy, simply connect the GPS150 Red wire to the Boat’s Positive Supply, the Black wire to the Boat’s Negative Supply, the Yellow Wire to the +ve NMEA Input of the Raymarine plotter and the Green wire to the -ve NMEA Input of the Raymarine plotter.

For more information on the GPS150 click here.

6 thoughts on “Digital Yacht GPS105 (GPS150) is a perfect replacement for Raystar 120 or 125

    • Hi Roger, Yes our GPS105 will work with the Raymarine RL70c as long as you have a spare NMEA 0183 input. If you have the NMEA cable that fits in the back of the RL70c then you can connect the GPS here or if you have another NMEA input in the Raymarine system. You might want to go for our new GPS150 which is GPS+GLONASS and will be shipping towards the end of this month.

  1. I have an older Raytheon RL70c at the helm, for radar, and it also displays my chartplotter data via SeaTalk from my older RC520, which is mounted in the cabin at the nav station. My original gps antenna is shot. Will the Digital Yacht GPS 105 or 150 work? Will the antenna wire have to be run below to the RC520, or can I hook it into the RL70c and have it sent the antenna date to the RC520 thru the existing SeaTalk cables?

    • Hi Ted, yes you can connect our GPS150 in to the NMEA 0183 input of your RL70c and then this data will be converted to Seatalk and be passed around the network to the RC520 and any other devices that can read and use the GPS data.

  2. I have a failed Raystar 120 which connects to a working Raymarine SL70RC Plus. The failed 120 connects to the seatalk connection on the Plotter via junction box which ties in the power. Green wire from the old 120 is not used in the present configuration. Will the Digital Yacht 150 work, connecting just yellow NMEA on the DY150 to Yellow NMEA on the Seatalk?

    • The GPS150 cannot be connected to the SeaTalk network wiring. You will need to connect the GPS150 NMEA0183 output (Yellow+ and Green-) to an NMEA0183 input on the Raymarine system.

      There is an NMEA input on the rear of the SL70RC that could be used or perhaps you have an NMEA input on a TriData or Multi Instrument or even the autopilot control box, but you will need to look through the manuals and work out the best input to use confirming that it definitely will accept the GPS sentences.

      Paul (Digital Yacht)

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