June 1, 2012
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June 11, 2012
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AIS TRANSPONDERS – Do I need another GPS antenna?

We’re asked this all the time…  Image

Unfortunately, the regulations surrounding AIS do not permit feeding an AIS transponder with an alternative GPS source from, for instance, a NMEA output from a chart plotter.  All Class B transponders must have their own internal GPS and they will validate its accuracy and reliability prior to sending a position report.  This helps ensure the system works as well as possible and that false data can’t be sent.

Unlike many manufacturers, Digital Yacht include an external GPS antenna with our AIT2000 transponder so you’ve everything you need in the box.  All you do require to complete the installation is a suitable VHF antenna or splitter unit such as our SPL2000 (pictured below)

The external GPS antenna supplied with the AIT2000 and CLA1000 fits directly to a 1″ threaded base so you can choose from deck, rail, pole or mast type mounts from a variety of accessory manufacturers.

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