Using a WL510 with iNavConnect

Although our iNavConnect product was originally designed to allow waypoint/route data to be wirelessly shared between a Raymarine Plotter and the Navionics App, even more people this season have bought the iNavConnect to use with our WL510 long range Wi-Fi system so that everyone on-board can share the internet connection when in port.

This unexpected demand for iNavConnect has created a few problems, as the default network settings for Raymarine are not the best settings for compatibility with all Marina Hotspots. Many hotspots, use a technique called “Captive Portal” to restrict usage of their network to customers that have registered or paid for a pass code. The hotspot appears as an “Open” unencrypted network but after you are connected, the first time that you try to go to a website, you are redirected to the hotspot’s/marina’s login page.

To trigger the redirection, you need to use the network settings provided by the hotspot. Our WL510 received the network settings correctly, but the default “Raymarine” settings included in iNavConnect, did not pass on the hotspot’s/marina’s network details to the wireless devices connected to it. The result being that the log in page was never displayed and no one on the boat could connect to the internet.

After the first couple of reports were received, we worked really hard to find and prove a solution and are pleased to announce that a very simple work around is now available. To download a new Tech Note that details this work around please click here.

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