No Longer Possible to Use iNavConnect with Raymarine C, E and G systems

Please note that as of Spring 2015, our iNavConnect is no longer compatible with the latest version of the Navionics App.

iNavConnect was originally developed to allow the popular Navionics App to share routes and waypoints with the original Raymarine C, E and G series (Classic and Wide Screen).

With the introduction of the latest a, c and e Series units from Raymarine, which have a different network configuration to the earlier models, Navionics had to change the way their App worked and this stopped it working with our iNavConnect.

Any existing customers who are using iNavConnect with the C, E and G Series units, will find that the route and waypoint transfer feature will stop working if they update their Navionics App. We recommend that these customers do not update there Navionics app if they want to continue having the route and waypoint transfer facility.

We no longer promote the iNavConnect for use with Raymarine products and are sorry for any inconvenience that this incompatibility has caused.

We will continue to promote and sell our iNavConnect as a general purpose router. It is also still compatible with the Fusion Link App to control Fusion Entertainment Systems.

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      1. Hi Rich,

        I wish it was that simple and totally in our control, as it would have been done in an instance but without a desire from Raymarine to make this happen, Navionics or ourselves cannot even start to define and implement a solution. Very frustrating.

        Best regards


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