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March 6, 2013
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Reports of Strange Wi-Fi behaviour with iOS V6.0

iOS Update


We have recently noticed a number of iPhone/iPad customers reporting connection issues with our iAIS and WLN10 products. Fault symptoms have been; unable to connect to the wireless network, TCP connection time out and connection stability problems. A quick search on-line found evidence that other Apple users had found Wi-Fi issues as well and they all seemed to be centered around devices with iOS V6.0.0, V6.0.1 and V6.0.2.

Armed with this information, we recommended the customers that had contacted us to update the firmware in their iPhone/iPad to the latest V6.1.x and in all cases the strange problems/behavior disappeared and they started getting reliable wireless connections again.

We cannot find any “official” note from Apple that confirms the experiences of our customers but we would definitely recommend that any customer with iOS V6.0.x updates to the latest V6.1.x.


  1. Roy says:

    My iPad and iPhone have the latest updates of software and I am still having this problem

    • digitalyacht says:

      Hi Roy,
      Sorry to hear that updating iOS did not fix your connection problems, in the handful of cases that we have had reported most have been sorted by updating to iOS V6.1.x. I’ll email you to find out more about your specific problem and try to get to the bottom of what is happening.

  2. Bas de Koekkoek says:

    From the beginning ( june ’11) I have the same problem. TCP connection times out, and I have to reset constantly the Iais to reconnect my IPad. ( iPad 1, latest iOS) It never worked fine 🙁

    • digitalyacht says:

      Hi Bas,
      Thanks for making contact. Does your iAIS still have a problem or is it now working OK ? If you wanted us to check and update the unit to the latest production build, we would be happy to do so. I will email you for more details.

  3. Gilbert says:

    I am having the same problem that the connection hangs and i keep having to reset also. I am using the latest ipad. Can you advise the fix please

    • digitalyacht says:

      Hi Gilbert, what Wi-Fi product of ours do you have and how old is it ? Might be worth updating to the latest firmware V4.00 which I can either give you instructions on how to do or you can send the unit to our office to be updated.

  4. Gilbert says:

    Hi , I have the digital yacht iAIS, and I purchased this unit sometime in Dec 2011. Interestingly the problem occurs when I upgraded to the New ipad and does not see to be so frequent with the previous model of ipad. I use the iAIS with InavX software. Please send me the instructions on how to update to V4.00. and I’ll try that failing which I will send the unit to you to be updated. Perhaps it is better if we do this via email. Thanks

  5. Rich Heavlin says:

    I have the same issue. On iOS 6.1.3 and my wi-fi is terrible. no matter what I do. ALL of my other wireless devices are working fine (2 iPhone 4, 2 iPod touch 8gb, 2 iPod touch 32gb, 1 iPad1, 1 iPod touch 16gm) My iPad2 is the ONLY one on v 6.1.3 and the only one with an issue.

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