Using Fusion 700 Series with iNavConnect

Fusion 700

Recently a customer of ours asked us how to connect their new Fusion 700 Series entertainment system to our iNavConnect wireless router. Our first question was “Why do you want to do that ?” but then it became clear that the Fusion 700 Series is quite a sophisticated system. Using a wireless router and their Fusion Link App, you can fully control everything wirelessly from your iPad/iPhone.

So we immediately contacted Fusion UK and arranged to borrow a unit for testing. In fact it turned out to be much easier than we expected to hook the devices together and within minutes we had everything setup and the sound of sweet music echoed through the office, remotely controlled by an iPhone.

Our iNavConnect, directly connected to the boat’s 12v or 24v  DC supply and housed in an IP54 rated case that can be screwed/bolted down to a suitable bulkhead, is the ideal wireless router for connecting to the Fusion 700 Series and you can even hook up our WL510 and have one wireless network for controlling your AV system and getting long range wireless internet.

As always, we have published a new Tech Note to guide customers and dealers through the process of getting everything working and a copy of this can be downloaded by clicking here.


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