Wiring details for Wireless Class B Transponder

AIT2000 NMEA Connections to WLN10HS

A customer asked us for a wiring diagram to show how one of our AIT2000 Class B Transponders connects to our WLN10HS to create a wireless AIS transponder solution. We were happy to oblige and thought that it would be good to publish this diagram online, as this AIT2000+WLN10HS combo is proving very popular this season.

It is a simple two wire connection between the AIT2000 and WLN10HS and the wire colours are shown in the diagram. I have not shown the power connections, but the Red(+) and Black(-) wires on both the AIT2000 and WLN10HS need to be taken to the boat’s 12v or 24v supply – we recommend on the same circuit/breaker/switch.

The diagram also shows how the second NMEA output on the AIT2000 can be taken to a DSC VHF radio to provide a GPS position to the radio and how additional NMEA0183 data, such as from an Instrument System, can be connected to the AIT2000. This data is then combined (multiplexed) with the AIS+GPS data so that a single wireless stream of data is sent to the iPad/iPhone.

In order for the data to be received and displayed correctly on the iPad/iPhone, you will need a suitable app such as iNavX, iSailor or iRegatta, but as you can see from the diagram it is a very simple installation and one of the reasons why going wireless is attracting so much attention.

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