Configuring our Wireless NMEA Products for Wi-Fi and 3G connections

Wireless NMEA Products


Recently we have received a couple of reports that when customers are connected to one of our wireless NMEA products, that they can no longer access the internet via 3G on their iPhone/iPad. This is due to the device thinking that it has a good wireless internet connection and so defaulting to this connection rather than the 3G connection.

This is only present on units produced between Sept 2012 and now, which have our “Access Point” mode firmware (V2.45 or V4.00) in the wireless adaptor.

As it turns out, the fix is fairly simple (just changing one setting in the wireless module) and we have produced a Tech Support Note on how to carry out the fix using a PC, Mac or using a free App on the iPhone/iPad. Please download the Tech Note by clicking here.

We will be incorporating this change in all of our production units in the new year (Jan 2014) but if you already have a unit which is not allowing you to connect to the internet via 3G when you are connected wirelessly to one of our wireless NMEA products, we recommend you to follow the procedure outlined in this Tech Note.   

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