Mounting a VHF, AIS, GPS or Wi-Fi Antenna

VHF Mounts

With so many different antennas on boats these days (VHF, GPS, AIS, TV, Wi-Fi, NavTex, etc.), knowing the best way to mount and install them can be quite bewildering. The good news is that many marine antenna manufacturers have standardised on the 1″ x 14 TPI thread mount (one inch by fourteen threads per inch) first used on VHF antennas.

There are a wide variety of 1″ x 14TPI mounts available and four of the most common are shown above. Starting from the top left and going clockwise they are; adjustable rail mount with clamp, horizontal fixed base mount, fully adjustable vertical or horizontal mount with clamp and fixed rail mount.

All of the Digital Yacht antenna products (listed below) use this de-facto standard 1″ x 14TPI mounting arrangement.

  • GPS150 and GPS150USB
  • ANT200 AIS Receiver
  • GV30 Combo AIS+GPS antenna
  • MA700 GPS antenna (supplied with AIT2000)
  • WL450 Wi-Fi Antenna

All of our products with the exception of the WL450 can use the plastic mounts but because of the greater weight and length of the WL450 antenna, we would recommend the use of a metal mount. Metal versions of all four types of mounts are available from marine electronics dealers and chandleries.

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