Weather4D adds Imray Compatability

Weather4D is a sophisticated navigation, charting and weather app for iOS.  Global charts are available for download and most are based on official Government agency formats such as UKHO, NOAA or SHOM.  Weather 4D now supports Imray charts and we took an iPad connected to our AIT3000 AIS transponder out for a quick test. Our AIT3000 is a wireless transponder so can send AIS and GPS data to the connected tablet for a fully integrated solution.

Imray charts are based on Admiralty (UKHO) data but have a unique crystal clear appearance and allow better scaling thanks to their digitisation process.  The screen shot below shows Weather4D with a full screen Imray chart image.  Panning and zooming the chart is super fast and slick.  Click on a live AIS target and bring up a detailed data window

AIS targets on Imray charts

Weather4D also supports dual chart windows – the charts can be linked so you can zoom to the same scales as we show below with a UKHO chart and Imray for comparison

Imray charts versus UKHO charts

The chart windows can also be unlinked allowing a zoomed in and zoomed out chart like in the image below which is based on two Imray charts.  This is great where you want an overall view of your complete route with a detailed view of whats around you.  Note the AIS target overlay and the heading vector on the moving target which allows easy collision avoidance visibility

comparaisons of Imray charts

This is an interesting comparison too – UKHO charts are based on raster technology so the image matches that of a paper chart – nice for familiarity.  However, zoomed data is based around what was on the original paper version.  Imray’s charts effectively vectorise this data so that extra detail can be displayed regardless of chart scale as the comparison image shows below

Differences between UKHO & Imray charts

It’s great that Weather4D now have choices of charts for specific areas and this with the dual charting display window capability makes for a very powerful system. We’re pleased to be able to offer a 1 year FREE subscription to the weather service of the Weather4D app with the purchase of any Digital Yacht wireless product. For more information please click here. 

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