Using Navionics+ Charts on SmarterTrack 2014

Navionics+ Package

Our latest SmarterTrack 2014 navigation software for PCs is an ideal planning and backup navigation tool for all owners of a dedicated Chart Plotter that uses Navionics charts, as you can copy the charts from your Navionics cartridge on to your PC’s hard drive and avoid having to buy additional charts for your PC.

For anyone that does not already have Navionics charts, SmarterTrack is still a very powerful navigation software package, with very good AIS support, tidal planning, weather GRIB file overlay and excellent support for route and waypoint transfer between the PC and other Navionics based chart plotters.

For SmarterTrack 2014, we recommend the new Navionics+ charts which have all of the latest chart data and cover quite large areas. What is more, you get 12 months of free updates and access to the Sonar charts which provide extra bathymetric data than the normal navigation charts and are ideal for fishing and diving.

A Navionics+ chart pack costs around £199 inc. VAT and for this price you get a very large portfolio of charts, for example the UK+Holland chart area, covers the whole of the UK, Ireland, North France and Benelux regions.

In the pack you get a blank SD or CF cartridge (depending upon the pack you buy) and a USB cartridge reader. The blank cartridge has a unique encrypted file on it, called an “nTag” file, that when registered online can have all of the latest chart data downloaded on to it.

To make it easy for SmarterTrack customers, we have produced a new Tech Note that gives you a step by step guide to using Navionics charts and includes some useful links to instructional videos from Navionics and ourselves. To download a copy of the new Tech Note, please click here.

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