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November 14, 2014
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November 24, 2014
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AISNET – A great solution for vessel tracking

AISNET is Digital yacht’s low cost AIS base station receiver.  It’s designed to be mounted ashore and connected to the internet via its RJ45 network interface.  Local AIS data can then be uploaded to websites such as Marine Traffic to allow easy web viewing of AIS traffic in your region.  It’s also fitted with a USB connection for a local PC.  Here’s Paul Sumpner, Digital Yacht’s CTO at METS 2014 telling us a bit more about this niche product.


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  1. Geir Laastad says:

    Great unit, but the base station misses a simple built in receive only splitter, so we can connect a VHF scanner / receiver to the same antenna without loss. A few DC power / receiving status lights wouldn’t hurt too. Perfect mods for a future AISNet mk2.
    AIS + Marine comm is great. AIS alone not so great.

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