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Best Marine Apps for Android (V1.07)

We are pleased to announce a new V1.07 update of our popular “Best Marine Apps for Android” list. The number of apps has increased since our last update, with two important new Apps and also some of the apps have been updated with new features.

It should be remembered that this list is only populated with apps that can receive wireless data from our products and is not intended to include all available marine apps. If you know of any other Android or iOS apps that can receive wireless NMEA or Signal K data, please let us know and we will include them in the list.

Both of the two new apps we have added, are sophisticated Weather Routing Apps and coincidently, both developed in France, a country whose passion for sailing is as strong as ever.

The first of these two apps, SailGRIB WR, has been gradually gaining in popularity and is one of the most complete apps we have tested for Android devices, ticking every column in our list and being one of the first Android Apps to support the Navionics charts SDK. If you already have the Navionics Boating App and a chart subscription, SailGRIB will let you use the same charts in its app, making this an excellent upgrade to the popular Navionics Boating app with its limited functionality.

The second app is qtVlm, which although not quite as feature rich as SailGRIB WR, has an important trick up its sleeve. It has been written as a cross platform app, meaning that you can get the exact same app on Android, iOS, Windows, Mac and LINUX (and will even run on a Raspberry Pi). Add to this support for the new “Unified Charts” from that provides UK, French and Benelux chart coverage on all of these platforms and you have an powerful charting app that is definitely worth evaluating.

To download a PDF copy of this new updated list of Marine Apps for Android devices, please click here Android Apps V1_07.

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